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SHAACS v2.0 - Shipping Agencies Accounting System.

For Manifests upload, Container movements, Clients management, Billing, Delivery, Refund and everything else.

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Brief History

Shaacs™ is a business solution that evolved from the perculiarities of running businesses in Nigeria. It started as a tool to upload manifests (excel files) to sql database for our client back in 2011. Today, it's one of the most robust Accounting Systems for Shipping Agencies in Nigeria. It handles end to end operations for Shipping Agencies. See the features section for more.

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Here are some of the features that come out of the box with Shaacs™

  1. Upload manifest from other applications (in excel or text format).
  2. Setting up all handling charges as wel as demurrage charges (per container type and size). Extend demurrage charges in slabs. That is in Slab 1 (N days), you charge M amount per day and in slab 2 (next N days), you charge M amount and so on.
  3. Generate Invoice/Debit Note or Delivery Order or Credit Note/Outstanding Invoice in a single click on a button.
  4. Take pictures of Agents that take delivery of containers or collect refunds for your clients.
  5. Send Vessel Arrival notice, Invoice or other documents to your clients or Delivery Order to the Port Terminals in a controlled and managed way.
  6. Use role based access control. Create users and group them based on their roles. Users can only see what you allow them to.

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