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Dalwizey v1.6

A Rapid Application Development tool for those that wish ORMs could do more.

What is it?

Dalwizey™ is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool for C# and VB.Net developers. If you are one of those that wish ORMs could do more, try Dalwizey. It creates Stored Procedures and generates both the data access layer and the presentation layer with all the models, factories, interfaces and IoC bindings. Just give it a connection to your database and the folders to save your code to and leave the rest to it. it'll generate a working two tier application for you.

Start Screen


Currently, Dalwizey supports two major programming languages: C# and VB.Net. It also generates Javascript but for UI/Dom manipulations. With the current version (1.6), you can use it to generate your Data Access Layer (DAL) for any .Net project, ASP.Net MVC or ASP.Net Web API. Below are some of the things you get out of the box.

  1. ADO.Net code for CRUD operations.
  2. ASP.Net MVC controllers, mdels and views.
  3. Java script and CSS files.
  4. Interfaces and their concrete implementations alongside the dependency injection code to bind them together. (We use Ninject for DI in ASP.Net MVC 5).
  5. Stored procedures for high performance and throughput at the database side if you are a fan.

If you use the latest ASP.Net Core, we've got you covered. Please Contact us if you want to give this a try. Let's build the future together. Click here to download it now.

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