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We empower businesses! We build custom Software Solutions the way you want it.

One size fits all works but not in every case. We build custom solutions to take care of perculiar need.

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Dalwizey™ RAD v1.6

Textbox over data should be easy for aeveryone. Just design a database and let this wizard do the rest. Learn more here >>

Who we are

Stonypeterz Technology Ltd.

A comprehensive Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company based in Nigeria. We specialize in building custom software solutions, system integration, customization, deployment and management of third party ERPs, CMS and CRM solutions.

In summary, we are all about software development and implementation. We are good at it and a collection of big players in different industries can attest to that.

What we do

Here are some of the services we offer.

  • We build custom software solutions for your business needs. Try us today >>
  • We are ISV. We sell products and services for software giants like Microsoft.
  • We provide hosted services for SMEs
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Our Products

  • SHAACS - A billing software solution for Shipping lines and Agencies.
  • SPACS - A HR & Payroll solution. It integrates with biometric time and attendance solution.
  • Dalwizey - A code generator that handles both the Data Access Layer and the Presentation and Logic Layer.

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